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About Us

Valerie LacayoValerie Lacayo, R.N., is a certified hospice and palliative care nurse with a bachelors degree in Science and Nursing.

With a life-long love of animals and the natural world, Valerie has rescued and rehabilitated countless animals from abandoned pets and injured wildlife to abused and neglected horses. While studying for her nursing degree she worked as a veterinarian technician and saw first-hand the difficult process that the families of terminally ill and elderly pets go through when the end of their beloved companion nears.

The death of her own canine companion of nearly two decades, Marty, convinced Valerie of the need for hospice care for animals as well as grief support for their human family members. Pawsitive Memories is a realization of nearly two decades of health care experience, specific understanding of comfort care and a desire to help others through the grieving process of a pet with dignity, empathy and understanding.

This dream has been realized with the help of Terry Branson and Kate Moore who founded Beyond the Rainbow Pet Hospice and Memorial Center in Ft. Worth TX , the first pet hospice in the state of Texas. Valerie is also supported in her dream by her loving husband Roberto, her faithful dogs Chance, Isabelle, Rae, and Dante as well as by her devoted cats Savanna and Peggy Sue.

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  1. Chris says:

    Just heard about you in the local news and had to send a great big thank you for your work. There have been many times I would have given anything for your kind of support and objectivity. I have a way of hangin’ on too long. Two of the dogs were too large for me to load up to get to the vet and we had to wait until one of the guys could come help out. That was really hard. Most all of my beloved pets have reached 15 years+ and one cat got to 21.

    There was poem or short story I’ve been trying to find again. It was from the Dog’s point of view. It had to do with the aging process and his remembering rumping and running with his human but then the day came where he couldn’t get up and was trying to tell Dad to go on without him. It was so touching and I wish I could find it again.

    You are angels,

  2. Hi I wanted information on cremation. My pet turtle died this past Saturday and I am looking to see if you could cremate him so I can have some closure with him. I would like prices for your service and what time you close to see if I can drop off hislittle body to you.

    Thank you Corrinet

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