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Hospice emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to care for those nearing the end of life and provides social, spiritual and emotional support in addition to relieving pain and other physical symptoms. Most hospice patients receive care and services at home surrounded by family.

For decades, the hospice concept has been utilized for individuals desiring palliative end-of-life care. For many families, upon learning from a physician that a loved one is suffering from an illness or disease for which there is no cure, hospice care becomes the next step to assure that their family member is kept comfortable and is treated with dignity and respect throughout the dying process.

This same type of respectful end-of-life care is now available for your beloved pet family members. Hospice allows you the ability to keep your trusted friend comfortable in their own home, in familiar surroundings, with the people that have loved and cared for him or her throughout their life.

Our commitment to you is to be by your side in this journey, helping you in the following ways:

  • Assist you in formulating a plan for this journey. Because each pet is unique, each of the plans is uniquely built to suit your needs.
  • Teach you the signs to look for as your companion passes from one stage to the next in the final journey.
  • Arrange for veterinarians and trained staff to care for your pet in their own comfortable surroundings, thereby avoiding the difficult and often painful transport to a clinic.
  • Monitor changes via phone calls and/or home visits to check in on you and your beloved companion as needed.
  • Recommend adjustments that can be made for increasing your pet’s comfort.
  • Educate and support you in end-of-life care, symptoms and pain management.
  • Connect you with professionally trained medical pet sitters that can stay with your pet when you need to be away from home.
  • Provide 24-hour support when you have questions, concerns or fears. A staff of counselors and clergy is also available to talk with you anytime, by phone or in your home.

We believe that the final moments between you and your beloved pet should be spent in a tranquil and serene environment. We work with a number of veterinarians that will come with us to your home, when you ask us to, and provide this final “act of love”. We can create a serene and stress-free environment where you can spend the final moments with your beloved pet and say good-bye on your own terms.

Three components make up the hospice philosophy:

Medical care includes recognizing pain and other symptoms, anticipating changes and complications, administering medications and other remedies to keep your pet comfortable and happy. Monitoring your pet’s quality of life will protect him or her from unnecessary suffering and spare you the anguish when facing this significant loss. All veterinary care is provided by independently contracted veterinarians.

Nursing care includes administering medications, monitoring vital signs and changes in your pets’ condition and offering advice on modifications to make your pet more comfortable.

Support for the family means providing emotional and empathetic support, and providing information on coping with the changes that are occurring. As painful as this process is, you will find that you will bond in a way that you never thought possible with your pet; an opportunity to return the love that they so unconditionally gave to you. You will have inner peace knowing that, to animals, dying is as much a part of life as birth, and that you loved them enough to share this process with them.

Pawsitive Memories is honored to share this journey with you.

We are pleased to link to this video guide by Two Hearts Pet Loss Center, designed to help you create a meaningful and personalized celebration of life memorial service for your pet.

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